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Companies are Looking for Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has really increased overall cybersecurity spending for companies. 58% of companies represented in a recent Microsoft survey have increased their cybersecurity budgets in response to the pandemic. Companies have […]

The Challenge of Cybersecurity Education at Colleges

Colleges around the nation have dealt with an increase in pandemic-related cyberattacks. Colleges have always been a target for many cybercriminals as they hold a lot of sensitive information and research, which are valuable on the dark web. With the increase in attacks, many college security chiefs say the real challenge is educating professors and […]

The Danger of an Insider Threat

Possibly one of the most underrated catalysts for a cyberattack is the insider threat. Many companies do not account for the damage that an insider threat could do. An insider threat can be anyone with access to an organization’s network, like employees, contractors, business associates, or friends. Insider threats are the biggest contributors to cyberattacks, […]

Cybersecurity Challenges and Concerns of Remote Working

A new report by Malwarebytes wanted to investigate the new normal of working from home (WFH). They measured the immediate reaction to the pandemic and also businesses’ future cybersecurity strategy. The cybersecurity company surveyed more than 200 executives and managers in IT and cybersecurity roles at US companies. Organizations’ challenges to remote working Switching to […]

Ransomware Gang Attacks Billion-Dollar U.S. Liquor Maker

The hacking group called REvil ransomware, who have hacked numerous million-dollar companies, have hacked and encrypted Brown-Forman. Brown-Forman is a top U.S. based liquor maker with brands like Jack Daniels, Finlandia Vodka, Early Times, and Old Forester. The REvil gang reportedly had access to Brown-Forman’s systems for over a month. They were able to completely […]

Cloud Service Costs Rise During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cloud computing services. Companies are racing to meet the demand for cloud computing tools needed for their remote workers. While also battling the rising costs of the cloud. There are a lot of company budgets being stretched as companies search for more affordable cloud costs. “The corporate […]

Cybersecurity Training Company SANS Hit by Phishing Attack

The cybersecurity training company SANS has fallen victim to a data breach. The attack started after a successful phishing scam against one of SANS employees. The breach compromised over 28,000 records of personal identifiable information, like names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. No sensitive information like credit card info or login credentials were exposed. The […]

Hospitals Face Wave of Cyberattacks Trying to Crash Websites

The healthcare industry has been one of the most targeted industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. With cybercriminals trying to steal COVID vaccine-related information or disrupt hospital operations in the hope of receiving a quick ransom payment. The healthcare industry currently has the largest number of cybersecurity openings of any other industry. Researchers have said that […]

Remote Work Boosts Cybersecurity Hiring

It is estimated that more than half of the US workforce has transitioned to remote working. With more people working from home businesses are way more vulnerable. This has increased the need for cybersecurity-related positions. According to LinkedIn, there were 261 thousand open cybersecurity positions in April, 244 thousand in May, and 348 thousand in […]

Connected-Car Cyberattacks Have Doubled Since Last Year

There are more connected cars on the road every year than ever before. Even though these cars make everyday life more convenient for consumers, they are way more likely to be targeted in a cyberattack than traditional cars. It is estimated that connected car cyberattacks have doubled in the last year alone. The average connected […]

Vulnerability in Website Builder Exposes 700,000 sites

In late July, a threat intelligence team found a vulnerability in themes by Elegant Themes. The themes were Divi, Extra, and the WordPress plugin, Divi Builder. These products combined are downloaded on over 700,000 websites. The vulnerability allowed attackers the ability to upload PHP files onto any website with the programs downloaded. The attackers also […]

Garmin in Trouble for Paying Ransom

The GPS company Garmin became the victim of a ransomware attack late July. The suspected hackers, known as EvilCorp, encrypted a lot of company data and attached a ransom note to each file. The ransom note had directions to email one of two email addresses to get a price for the encrypted data. Garmin confirmed […]

Cybersecurity is a Business Decision

Several CISOs have said that their cybersecurity budget comes from the ROI and contribution it adds to the business. Making sure the business is secure while creating growth and profit is what makes cybersecurity a business decision.

Blackbaud Pays After Ransomware Attack

Blackbaud, one of the largest providers of fundraising technology to nonprofits, universities, and other charities was hacked. After a ransomware attack left important data encrypted, Blackbaud was forced to either pay the ransom or let the data be sold to other cybercriminals. Blackbaud paid in Bitcoin and received confirmation that the data was destroyed. It […]

Garmin Hit by 4-Day Ransomware Attack

The navigation company became the victim of a ransomware attack on Thursday. The attack left many Garmin systems offline, including fitness apps, aircraft navigation systems, and customer service centers. Garmin factories even had to close production lines.

Why One Data Breach Can Lead to More Cyber Attacks

Data leaks that occur today may not even be harmful for years to come. With personal information being sold, traded, and bought all over the dark web, long term security issues can emerge. Private information gathered throughout the next 5 years could help cyberattack hold an entire business network hostage.

Hackers are Selling Your Data to the Highest Bidder

Researchers at a cyber security company have published a report that shares the details of these dark web data auctions. Once the data is put up for auction, anyone with dark web access can bid on it. No identity proof is required, only a simple CAPTCHA checkpoint. The highest bid must be paid in cryptocurrency, which is untraceable.

Over 100 Law Firms Report Data Breaches

There have been more than 100 law firms that have reported data breaches since 2014. Since about 20 states do not require that law firms report data breaches, that number is definitely higher.
Most of the reported breaches occurred through phishing attacks, with some through hacking or security lapses.

Number of Coronavirus-Related Scams Jump

These cyber threats are both foreign groups trying to steal coronavirus related information and cybercriminals trying to exploit users working from home. Health agencies have reported an increase in cyber threats as well, as they are a very profitable target for cyber criminals.